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While we’re working on mixing and mastering our new CD “VOYAGER” we’re going to take some time to be perform a couple of shows so you can hear some of the new songs!

The first show will be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Club Anything on Friday, August 30th, along with The Azoic from Columbus, Ohio and Null Device from Madison, Wisconsin, both on Nilaihah Records.

130830flyer-FBbannerFacebook Event
Club Anything
The Azoic on Bandcamp
Null Device on Bandcamp
Doors open at 9PM
$10 cover, 21+ID

The second show will be in Madison at Club Inferno on Saturday, September 14th along with the American progressive darkwave musical duo band Oneiroid Psychosis from New Glarus, Wisconsin on Psylab Studios.


Facebook Event
Club Inferno
Oneiroid Psychosis on Bandcamp
Doors open at 9PM, $7 cover, 21+ID

Post by JAI
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I’m always interested in new music performance technology, especially tools that enhance the output without hindering the process of performing live music. Imogen Heap, a brilliant composer and award winning artist, recently promoted and performed with a pair of the magical “Music Gloves” at Wired 2012.

Heap visited the MIT Media Labs in 2009, where she met Elly Jessop, who designed the original gesture gloves that could record and loop the voice with just a few intuitive hand gestures. When Elly sang a note, she could move her hand and change the instrument, vibrato, timbre, or a moving harmony. The combination of the intuitive music and movement excited Heap so much that she called Tom Mitchell, who had worked with her to program her Monome for a Letterman performance, and explained the idea to him . Tom loved the idea, and after receiving funding from the University of Western England to do a research paper, Heap asked 5DT for a set of gloves to begin the process.

It took several years for a team from the University of West England, along with Kelly Snook Adam Stark, Hanna Perner-Wilson, Rachel  Freire, Becky Stewart, and a few others to fully develop the tool.  An Xbox Kinect sits at the back of the stage and translates Heap’s position to provide different effects and layers. The floor literally becomes a playground, where she can walk in any direction and change the sound. As Heap moves toward the back of the stage the sound gets fuller and much bigger, but if she moves towards the audience at the front of the stage, the sound then becomes softer and more intimate.

Due to how Imogen makes her music, 50% of what she is doing on stage is never seen. She just presses a button and new sounds begin to move and pulsate. With this new technology, the audience can now see and hear everything she is doing on stage during her performance. The music Heap now performs is literally 3D in action. After many years and hours and hours of programming, the gloves via the user interface, Heap finally has a perfect and completely controllable live instrument using only her body on stage in order to shape and create her beautiful intelligent music!


Imogen Heap’s Wired 2012 Performance
Imogen Heap “The Gloves”
Ted Talks 2012 – She has music in her hands”

Inferno NightclubOur very own DJ Psych0tron  along with DJ Siberia  rocked the  Inferno Nighclub for REVERB this past Saturday! Many of us were out with our dancing shoes and attire on, excited for a fun night of great music. We were were not disappointed! The music was on fire and the floor was full the entire night. Some of us even hurt ourselves dancing for hours on end.

There were a lot of people in attendance who kept the club hopping until after bar time! If you’re looking for a place that is beautifully and artistically decorated, with fabulous dance music, friendly patrons, and hot bartenders, then the Inferno Nightclub is the place for you.

Sensuous Enemy will be playing at Inferno Nightclub on Saturday, April  27th,  with our Milwaukee friends Incekt and am.psyche, with more fun things to see and hear that we’ll reveal in a couple of weeks.

DJ Siberia Setlist

DJ Psych0tron Setlist