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It is with much sadness today that we announce our label Radio-Active-Music will no longer be in business. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Laura Hofford Wilder, the owner, over the past two years and wish her the very best in her endeavors as she continues on with her new life in Colorado

We are thankful that we had the opportunity to have met and worked with so many wonderful and talented musicians, like The Dark Clan and XuberX, whom we’ve gotten to know much better due to being on the same label. It’s been a good run and we hope to find another label with as much vim and vigor as Radio-Active-Music!

So, until we find a new label home, you can still find us here at and on CD Baby. We look forward to whatever the future has in store for us and we hope you’ll remember all the by-gone labels that brought you so many great artists and songs!


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Here is a really good article by Bob Baker, who is the author of “Guerrilla Music Marketing Online,” Berkleemusic’s “Music Marketing 101” course, and many other books and promotion resources for DIY artists, managers and music biz pros.

1. Support local businesses who are willing to support you, by building relationships and doing cross promotions with them.

2. Support local artists by promoting their shows, offering to hang fliers and post updates about their shows online.

3. Support other bands by purchasing a ticket,  attending their shows, and standing in the audience during their performance

“Relationships are what lay the foundation for a thriving music career. You need to nurture and build them slowly and genuinely.” says Bob Baker.

These seem like simple steps to us, and for the most part we try to follow them.  We even tag team shows in town when one of us is unable to make it, so we make sure one of the members from Sensuous Enemy is in attendance.  We make every effort to be their for our band friends and try to support them as much as we can.  If we don’t support them, then why would we ever expect them to support us.  Maybe they will, maybe the won’t, but at least we’ll know we did our best to help keep music alive and active in Madison!

What are some of your favorite shows you have attended in Madison so far this  year?
What was your favorite Madison show from 2011?

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Musical Goddess

Want to know why everyone hates the music industry scum sucking executive overlords? Because they do shit like this! All for the mighty dollar. Couldn’t they at least 24 hours for a moment of silence.  She was after all what made those fuckers filthy rich to begin with!

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