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Sensuous Enemy 2012

Sensuous Enemy 2012

We have a lot to tell you about AND we have an exciting announcement! For those of you who don’t know about us, Sensuous Enemy is a female fronted electronic darkwave band that’s been around for almost a decade! We have worked hard writing, recording and performing solid music while going to school and working multiple jobs in order to support our number one passion…Music!

We started in 2004 and put out our first album “Deadly Sins”, which included six original songs and one cover that was released on Sonic Mainline label out of Madison, Wisconsin, owned and operated by Matt Fanale of the band Caustic.


In 2006 we came out with our first full length album “Fragments” with eight originals, one cover and four incredibly powerful remixes from some of the most well known bands in the EDM Industrial music genre.Fragments
The album was mixed and produced by Wade Alin of the bands The Atomica Project & Christ Analogue in Chicago and also released on Sonic Mainline label.

Then after a couple of years of continued growth and changing members we signed to a new label called Radio-Active-Music [RAM] out of Virginia Beach, Virginia, owned and operated by Laura Hofford. We released “Parity” in 2010 with three original songs and seven fabulous remixes.
SE_Parity_online_artworkIn 2011 we continued writing new songs, we designed a new light show, performed numerous shows throughout the Midwest and we delivered a powerful and exciting east coast tour.

Sirens of the SeaBy the middle of 2013 we had written nine more songs. We wrote and recorded all summer and released our single “Sirens of the Sea” this past September with five moving remixes. In one short week you’ll now be able to purchase and listen to our newest and second full length album “Voyager”, with nine original songs, mixed and produced by Wisconsonites Dan Clark of Listless Works and mastered by Eric Oehler of Submersible Studios!
We will be performing most of “Voyager” at The Frequency in downtown Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday November 16th, with our new label mates Null Device and pounding dance beats provided by DJ Siberia!


That isn’t all though. The best news is that we recently signed with the long established, well known Nilaihah Records out of Columbus, OH,owned and operated by Kristy Venrick of the band The Azoic!! Both our single “Sirens of the Sea” and our full length album “Voyager” will be released under Nilaihah Records this month! We’re so excited to be a part of the Nilaihah team of bands and friends!! Check out our music and some of the fabulous bands currently signed to Nilaihah Records!

We look forward to performing for you in the near future. Thanks to all of our family, friends and fans and for all of your support, love and dedication. We could not have done this without YOU!

This is one of the most beautiful and amazing human success stories I’ve heard all year. Jodi DiPiazza is an inspiration to all of us! Music has always been something that has been a way for humans to express feelings and emotions in order to let go of all the pain and suffering inside of each and every one of us. Music is comforting and soothing in so many ways. Whether we are musicians or just enjoy listening to music, we all enjoy music to some extent or another.

There are a number of world renowned musical composers who were suspected to have had Autism including Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss, and Bartók as well as diagnosed contemporaries musicians LadyHawke, Peter Newman, Peter Tork, Matt Savage, and Sara Lonsert.



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I read an article the other day on Music Marketing dot com titled “How to Pack like a Rock Star”. I had to laugh out loud after reading it because as an alternative female performing artist, I am a very detailed packer and usually bring more than I actually need on tour.

I mean who wants to get stuck in the middle of nowhere without the comforts of home!  So…I bring everything I can possibly think of to keep me comfortable and entertained.

I made a list of packing tips that work for me (does not include an SE gear like merch, equipment, or stage props):

  1. Pick out 3 full stage outfits including tops and bottoms or dresses with  jackets and thin long sleeve shirts to wear underneath for colder temps , accessories including wigs, gloves, belts, boots, tights, socks, jewelry, and all the makeup, fingernail polish, eyelashes, and glitter you can manage to stuff into your indestructible makeup box.
  2. A box of ziplock bags in various sizes for liquids and easy storage along with lots of 3oz. bottles for the TSA mafia and easier carrying of tonics.
  3. Duct tape and loads of safety pins…cuz one or both of them will fix just about any mishap!
  4. Cases of bottled water and electrolyte packs to dump in the morning after a long night of performing, pimping and hauling gear.
  5. An umbrella for increment weather.Really, a woman can endure many things except being soaking wet in all her gear and scorching under the hot weathering sun.
  6. Boots, dom shoes, flats…and a pair of flip flops for the shower and the beach!
  7. Hair Dye. scissors, a razor and rubber gloves!  You can’t be a redhead and go anywhere without your personal bottle of hair developer and the perfect shade of your favorite red hair dye.
  8. A pair of noise cancelling earphones and an extra set of earbuds.  When you’re in a van that contains members who just don’t know how to shut the fuck up once in a while so you can think, you’ll be thankful you packed an extra pair of noise reduction headphones for reading, watching movies, thinking, and memorizing new songs.
  9. A blow up mattress, towels and washcloths, a box of “AA” and “C” batteries for your  favorite vibrators, a  surge protector power strip, and ALL of your chargers along with a solid car charger for all your electronic gadgets.
  10. Lastly, a good camera, books, magazines, movies, and outrageous porn!

Ok any women that have to endure traveling in a van or bus with a bunch of testosterone filled guys, I’d love to hear some tips from you on what you would suggest to bring on your next adventure.

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Musical Goddess

Want to know why everyone hates the music industry scum sucking executive overlords? Because they do shit like this! All for the mighty dollar. Couldn’t they at least 24 hours for a moment of silence.  She was after all what made those fuckers filthy rich to begin with!

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Since SOPA and PIPA have come to light over the past month, it would interesting to find out what all our friends fans think about the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act

Huffington Post put out a good article on January 19th, 2012 titled “What is SOPA? Anti-Piracy Bill explained” that thoroughly explains what SOPA is and how it could be abused heavily. “The legislation would allow copyright holders and the Justice Department to seek court orders against websites associated with copyright infringement. SOPA, the House version, applies to both domestic and foreign websites, while PIPA targets foreign websites. If that court order is granted, the entire website would be taken down. Internet users who typed in the site’s URL address would receive an error message, and for all appearances, the site would never have existed. Importantly, the court does not need to hear a defense from the actual website before issuing its ruling. The entire website can be condemned without a trial or even a traditional court hearing.”

So, basically, if we as a band use a snipet of any copyrighted material, including sound bites from movies, the maker of those movies could obtain a court order to shut down our entire site, force credit card companies to stop processing payments to our site, make google remove it from search results, and force 1and1.com from hosting it on the web!  Then, it would take a court order to get it back up and running. SOPA makes it a felony to stream copyrighted video without permission, punishable by prison time

For a well established band, even if they have legal permissions, a mere accusation without evidence could happen, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars and most likely a musician’s entire life.

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It’s time to dust off this long forgotten blog and being again as we plan our 2011 East Coast RAM Tour!

We’ll be leaving MadTown Thursday August 4th  and here’s what we have confirmed so far:

05.08 Pittsburgh, PA |31st Street Pub 21+| with Rein[Forced], Sensuous Enemy,  XuberX and Terror Firma Sky

06.08 Washington, DC |Midnight| Sensuous Enemey

07.08 New York, NY |The Delancey| Sensuous Enemy

09.08 Charlottesville, VA |Umlaut 18+| Sensuous Enemy

12.08 Milwaukee, WI |Club Anything 21+| Sensuous Enemy &  The Light Asylum

13.08 Madison, WI |The Frequency 18+| Sensuous Enemy & The Light Asylum

We’re now working on tweaking our stage lighting, working on some new songs,  updating wardrobes and practice practice practice!

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