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I read an article the other day on Music Marketing dot com titled “How to Pack like a Rock Star”. I had to laugh out loud after reading it because as an alternative female performing artist, I am a very detailed packer and usually bring more than I actually need on tour.

I mean who wants to get stuck in the middle of nowhere without the comforts of home!  So…I bring everything I can possibly think of to keep me comfortable and entertained.

I made a list of packing tips that work for me (does not include an SE gear like merch, equipment, or stage props):

  1. Pick out 3 full stage outfits including tops and bottoms or dresses with  jackets and thin long sleeve shirts to wear underneath for colder temps , accessories including wigs, gloves, belts, boots, tights, socks, jewelry, and all the makeup, fingernail polish, eyelashes, and glitter you can manage to stuff into your indestructible makeup box.
  2. A box of ziplock bags in various sizes for liquids and easy storage along with lots of 3oz. bottles for the TSA mafia and easier carrying of tonics.
  3. Duct tape and loads of safety pins…cuz one or both of them will fix just about any mishap!
  4. Cases of bottled water and electrolyte packs to dump in the morning after a long night of performing, pimping and hauling gear.
  5. An umbrella for increment weather.Really, a woman can endure many things except being soaking wet in all her gear and scorching under the hot weathering sun.
  6. Boots, dom shoes, flats…and a pair of flip flops for the shower and the beach!
  7. Hair Dye. scissors, a razor and rubber gloves!  You can’t be a redhead and go anywhere without your personal bottle of hair developer and the perfect shade of your favorite red hair dye.
  8. A pair of noise cancelling earphones and an extra set of earbuds.  When you’re in a van that contains members who just don’t know how to shut the fuck up once in a while so you can think, you’ll be thankful you packed an extra pair of noise reduction headphones for reading, watching movies, thinking, and memorizing new songs.
  9. A blow up mattress, towels and washcloths, a box of “AA” and “C” batteries for your  favorite vibrators, a  surge protector power strip, and ALL of your chargers along with a solid car charger for all your electronic gadgets.
  10. Lastly, a good camera, books, magazines, movies, and outrageous porn!

Ok any women that have to endure traveling in a van or bus with a bunch of testosterone filled guys, I’d love to hear some tips from you on what you would suggest to bring on your next adventure.

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