2 comments on “Where do you stand with SOPA?

  1. To add.. as I understand SOPA, if your website linked to a Youtube video that someone thought had copyrighted material–they could take down your website–even though you weren’t the one who violated the copyright.

    Also–and this is perhaps worse–all people would have to do under SOPA is ACCUSE you of having copytrighted material–whether you had it or not–and they could get court orders to take down your site…

    In other words–you would be guilty until proven innocent–the reverse of what our entire law system is about..

  2. I have mixed feelings about all this. I mean, I’m wholeheartedly for copyrighted materials being protected. People are pirating music and video online left and right and that’s not fair. I also believe in Fair Use, so one should be able to use a snippet of music, video or writing to review, critique or parody a work of art on one’s blog, etc. Maybe SOPA and PIPA aren’t perfect, but something else than needs to be done to protect copyright holders, otherwise no-one–particularly small-time writers, musicians, filmmakers–will be able to make money from their works.

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