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Helloooo Family, Friends and Fans…

We’ve been on hiatus for about five years and now we’re back to writing, recording and performing music again!

In November 2019, we put out a three song EP titled Rebirth on Distortion Productions. It’s a sampler CD that includes some of the new music we are currently working on that we want to share with you.

Many of you have supported us over the past 15 years and for that we want to say a word of thanks for listening to our CD’s, coming to our shows and buying us out of all of our merch! It’s time to open a new chapter moving into 2020 as we continue to work on new songs and perform at our upcoming show taking place in Madison, Wisconsin at The Crucible, Saturday, April 11, 2020. We’ll be sharing the stage with Am.Psych and one more band yet to be announced.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more details about our next live event!

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Award winning composer, vocalist, and superheroine

I write lyrics form personal experience and once wrote a song about being raped at age 12 titled “Das Grauen” located here on our bandcamp site:
I happen to be one of the statistics Dr. Kundert talks about in his recent blog “The Hidden Brutality of Innumeracy”. If you have the chance to read this you will be blown away, by what he reveals, using math, to show the hidden truths about rape in our American society!

Although we haven’t made very many posts lately due to our writing, recording and performing schedule, we do seem to find time to watch a bit of Doctor Who when we need a good laugh and some great SciFi! The question on everyone’s mind these days is “who will be the next Doctor Who”? My bet is on it being a woman since the Doctor can change into whomever he chooses to. I will be anxiously awaiting the results as I’m sure most of you my techie friends will be too! Who would you bet your money on?

dirty gay handsToday in Think Progress there was an article about gay Catholics who were told by Cardinal Dolan that they have ‘dirty hands’ and suggested that anybody who engages in same-sex sexual acts is unwelcome at Church. In protest to this absurd lack of compassion and mercy, at approximately 9:30am Sunday morning, May 6th, ten gay Catholics proceeded to dirty their hands  in order to show the rejection they felt and how inhumanely they were being treated by the church they are all members of.

The ten men were prohibited from going into the church by “four police cars, eight uniformed officers, a police captain, and a detective from the Police Commissioner’s LGBT liaison unit”. What a waste of taxpayers money spent on a silent peaceful protestors!

Here’s what Sensuous Enemy has to say about that!


Freedom from the nightmares freedom from the day
Freedom from gender roles a game I have to play
Freedom from the hunger freedom from this life
Freedom from everything that destroys all my rights
Freedom from suffering freedom from shame
Freedom from the words that burn like acid rain
Freedom from anxiety freedom from depression
Freedom from drugs that wipe out all the passion

Freedom from religion freedom from the lies
Freedom from the truth that everyone denies
Freedom from the violence freedom from the pain
Freedom from the hateful words that infiltrate my brain

Freedom from judgment and preconceived ideals
Freedom from oppression and wounds that never heal
Freedom from censorship… Mentally confined
Freedom from black and white… suppresses the mind

Freedom from religion freedom from the lies
Freedom from the truth that everyone denies
Freedom from the violence freedom from the pain
Freedom from the hateful words that infiltrate my brain=

Freedom from slavery freedom from fear
Freedom from the haters standing up to jeer!
Freedom from slavery freedom from fear
Freedom from the haters standing up to jeer!

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Think Progress – Cardinal Dolan: Gay Catholics with ‘Dirty Hands’ at Mass Should Be Arrested For Trespassing

Facebook Gay Marriage USA – ‘Dirty Hands Vigil’ – St. Patrick’s Cathedral, NYC 

Alter Net – Police Bar LGBT Protestors from Attendtin Mass in New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral

This is one of the most beautiful and amazing human success stories I’ve heard all year. Jodi DiPiazza is an inspiration to all of us! Music has always been something that has been a way for humans to express feelings and emotions in order to let go of all the pain and suffering inside of each and every one of us. Music is comforting and soothing in so many ways. Whether we are musicians or just enjoy listening to music, we all enjoy music to some extent or another.

There are a number of world renowned musical composers who were suspected to have had Autism including Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss, and Bartók as well as diagnosed contemporaries musicians LadyHawke, Peter Newman, Peter Tork, Matt Savage, and Sara Lonsert.


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Award winning composer, vocalist, and superheroine

Our very own Bob will be presenting the final REVERB event of 2012. We’re giving you folks a special treat. CHRONOTRIGGER was one of the most popular Saturday formats from the 2011 Inferno calender, and for one evening we’re bringing it back by popular demand.

For the uninitiated, here’s how it works:

CHRONOTRIGGER is a chronological restrospective of the very best in hard club music. We will journey through 20 years of anthems and club favorites, moving forward in time as the night progresses. Each hour features a different DJ pair playing tracks only from a specific time block, becoming more current with each hour until we arrive at today’s offerings at the end of the night.

Your entertainers for the evening will be DJs Whiterabbit, Siberia, Mike Carlson, Mindphaser, and psych0tron. The DJ/time slot schedules follow:

1993-1996 – Siberia vs. psych0tron
1997-2000 – Mindphaser vs. Mike Carlson
2001-2004 – Whiterabbit vs. Siberia
2005-2008 – Mindphaser vs. Whiterabbit
2009-2012 – psych0tron vs. Mike Carlson

We hope to see you there! REVERB has been a blast for all of 2012, and we’re going to end it with a bang at this event! Be sure to check out the Inferno anniversary party happening in December, and stay tuned for REVERB details for 2013.

Doors at 9PM, 21+ ID required. NO COVER 9 – 10PM or with valid student ID $4 COVER AFTER 10PM

Post by JAI

Award winning composer, vocalist, and superheroine

Here is a great article about five different ways to start writing songs. We attempt to do this by switching between programming and piano. Recently, John has been starting the songs with a few drum tracks and synth tracks and then I add lyrics and melody lines. This works well for us some of the time. But what I find really works for me as a composer/artist/singer, is to sit down at my piano and come up with a song that I can just transfer to John once the core of it is complete.

The main struggle for me is finding the right time and energy to sit down and play the piano for a couple of hours. It takes a lot of discipline, which I’ve never been very good at when it comes to playing the piano for more than 20 or 30 minutes.
So, after reading this article, we might attempt to begin our songs with a different approach and see how it goes.